Full-service package

Innovative, customised solutions for your market research needs

explorare provides clients with a full-service package:
From designing questionnaires to conducting fieldwork, supplying and evaluating data, preparing presentations and providing further advice and consultations, we offer a comprehensive range of services. For example, when using online and real-time cockpits or dashboards to measure service and customer satisfaction, we provide all the services expected of a market research institute.

Clients can also choose to mix and match from our full-service range. If, for instance, you only commission us to perform the fieldwork and deliver a data set, we are happy to leave the analysis stage up to you.

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We would love to use one or several of our many market research services to bolster your business. After all, knowledge is power!

Further information on our full-service solutions

» Questionnaires

After examining the current situation, explorare can help you to design your questionnaire. During this process, you benefit from the tried-and-tested methods we have developed over our decades of experience in market research.

» Fieldwork

After selecting the right method based on your specific needs, explorare undertakes the fieldwork. From telephone interviews to online surveys conducted nationally or internationally, explorare is the ideal partner for carrying out quality-controlled questionnaires.

» Coding responses to open-ended questions

On request, the responses to open-ended questions are collated, code plans are written in close coordination with you as our client and the responses are coded. When performing this task, explorare experienced coders always aim to create the highest level of transparency. We know our trade like the back of our hands, which is why, for example, we are frequently asked to process data collected by our clients in house. Since meeting deadlines is invariably essential to our clients, we begin coding during the fieldwork stage itself – explorare always delivers “just in time”!

» Data sets

We provide you with up-to-the-minute data sets after programming the questionnaire as well as during and after the fieldwork stage. This gives you an overview of the current results, allowing you to prepare in-house tasks promptly. We send data in Excel and SPSS files, as well as in other formats such as ASCII, DFBF or Quantum.

» Analyses

We analyse the data collected in line with your wishes. According to your needs, we use SPSS to create contingency tables and clusters. We also calculate averages, work out standard deviations, identify the top two and least popular responses, as well as the “Don’t know” and “Cannot say” responses.
In order to identify the hidden reasons behind which certain recommendations were made and the key deciding factors, we carry out multivariate analyses on request. We also perform correlation and regression analyses.

» Presentations

We create PowerPoint presentations outlining the key study results. We are happy to prepare these presentations using either our own or your corporate template. If required, explorare is able to compile profile comparisons, timeline graphs and professionally created charts as well as adapt presentations for use in individual countries and sectors. This work can be carried out at short notice and with a high degree of customisation.

» Dashboard

When completing repeat studies and multi-country studies in particular, we make the results available to our clients on a protected online portal. We always host these sites on certified German servers and never host them in insecure countries outside of the EU. Login data and user rights are allocated in accordance with your employees’ level of responsibility. For example, senior members of staff could be given access to all of the data, while employees working in certain countries or divisions could only be able to access the information relevant to them.
The questionnaire, data set and analyses are made available in a download area, where, in a matter of seconds, you can filter the responses according to any of the questions asked and download a presentation of the results.