Trust is key in market research. Clients often see data generating processes as something of an enigma. To develop a relationship of mutual trust, we work openly with our clients and set strict quality standards. At the end of the day, explorare responsible for providing high-quality, valid and reliable results. This alone creates a win-win situation for ourselves and our clients.

Our standards

  • We have more than 25 years’ experience in market research.
  • Each questionnaire is timed in advance and the length of time taken to complete it is adjusted appropriately.
  • Each questionnaire is reviewed by a second person.
  • Each questionnaire is made available online to the client before the study commences.
  • All our employees undergo regular professional training to update their skills.
  • Plausibility checks are built into every interview.
  • All our interviewers have undergone a three-stage training programme.
  • All interviewers receive project-specific instructions before working on each new study.
  • A study profile is completed for each study.
  • A pre-test is carried out ahead of each study.
  • Each client can follow the progress of the interviews online.
  • Each client can access data analyses online.
  • Information on the quota sampling processes is made available to each client at any time.
  • Each client receives a data set for ten percent of the results (further data sets are available on request).