explorare operates globally. In addition to working in typical European, American and Asian countries, we support clients active in more exotic markets. Quality-tested, fast, flexible and reliable.

From opticians in South Africa or automotive companies in South America, to heating engineers and architects in the USA and Canada or leather goods shops in Cambodia and Vietnam, explorare is the ideal partner for conducting surveys worldwide.

Since only local call centres are aware enough of country-specific customs to make your study a success, over the years we have secured partnerships with leading experts in carrying out telephone interviews. Each partner has been visited by a member of our team and certified. We do not have any offshore offices and do not, for example, make calls to Britain from India or to France from Senegal in order to maximise profits.

All of our partners are certified members of ESOMAR. Satisfying our clients and ensuring data quality are at the heart of everything we do. We are united in achieving this goal and it drives us in every project we complete.

All our questionnaires are designed and programmed in house at the institute. They are then hosted on our servers, which are located on our premises in Bielefeld as well as in back-up data centres and never in an insecure country outside of the EU. Data protection and security are extremely important to us, which is why we never disclose our clients’ data to third parties.

All our partners are connected to our servers, giving us constant access to all data and allowing us to monitor and evaluate it in real time. We follow the same model when conducting online surveys. Whilst we have access to a number of international panels, our hosting servers and data centres are all located on our premises. We work in your market! Flexible, fast, with an eye on costs and outstanding quality!