Mystery research

explorare conducts many types of mystery research for a wide range of clients, having acquired a refined set of skills in this area over a number of years. Our field researchers gather data on tablets before uploading them either to our own or your databases. This creates transparency and ensures that the results are available around the clock.

Mystery shopping
Specially trained and experienced colleagues are available to test the level of service in our clients’ retail branches and outlets across Germany. In addition to simulating everyday situations, such as purchases and complaints, we are always willing to ask more targeted questions and put staff members on the spot in the event of falling sales or other problems.

Mystery Calls
We can test the quality of your services over the phone from our call centre. We carry out more than one hundred thousand interviews a year and know all there is to know about the art of conducting a conversation.

Location analyses
We investigate in several stages the external features of your business premises as well as your interior design, furnishings and fittings, product range, level of service and any relevant competitors. We then compile a detailed report comprising an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations on how you can improve in the long term.